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MetalArt is highly qualified in architectural manufacturing, such as column covers, clading, staircases, walls and doors, custom handrail construction, etc.
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Elevator Doors HomeMetalArt Inc. offers custom fabricated elevator designs and components that create dramatic architectural statements for a wide range of commercial, industrial and public facilities.  Our technicians have extensive experience with a wide array of materials and finishes designed to meet specific design specifications or harmonize with an existing environment.

Complete cab construction

Our design consultants have the knowledge base necessary for the fabrication of complete elevator cab shell from conceptualization to installation. We have a complete understanding of all code requirements and create designs that cater to aesthetics, durability and safety.

Elevator Cladding

MetalArt creates cladding specifically fabricated for use in commercial elevator designs.  We have over 20 years of experience in the construction and installation of architectural metal components using an endless array of materials, colors and finishes.  From the modern look of stainless steel to bronze, steel, forms and surface, Rimex, and all exotic metals, we have experience and knowledge to meet your specific design needs.

Wall Railings

Custom fabricated elevator designs from MetalArt include railings that are durable and functional while integrating with the architectural styling of the elevator and overall building design.  Our custom fabricated railings can be crafted to meet exact specifications for size, placement and design.

Door Finishes

Doorways often set the overall first impression of a facility- the same is true of elevators.   MetalArt ‘s expert technicians can fabricate a door design created specifically for your environment.  We have experience in the use of materials many contractors have never used.

Door Jams, Transoms and Headers

As with any project, attention to detail is vital in creating an overall visual experience. MetalArt will fabricate all materials needed for your commercial elevator project.  From door jams to transoms and headers, we ensure your project is completed with the functionality and look your environment requires

Lantern plates

MetalArt’s complete catalog of elevator components includes lantern and call button plates built to your custom design specifications. As with all of our metal elevator applications, these plates are crafted with the exact dimensions and finishes to meet your design specifications.

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