Bronze Mod Elevator Wrap

Custom Stainless Steel Entrance Wrap

Escalator Cladding

Bullnose Trim and Oversize Header

Custom Elevator Trim

Custom Elevator Cab

Custom Railing

Entrance Cladding

Feature Wall

Custom Railing

Stainless Steel Weave Railing

Custom Metal Desk

Multi-Line Cable Railing

Full Custom Fabricated Retail Canopy

Used in office buildings, hotels and hospitals.   Metal Art can provide a complete wrap as shown in the photo to provide a like new appearance.  Every 2-3 years the bronze will wear from traffic requiring a new wrap or a refinishing of the existing metal.

A Metal Art specialty.  We install this type of entrance every day.

Eliminate wear and tear on cladding in stores or office buildings.  Metal art can redress the appearance of cladding by removing scratches or the installation of new custom metal cladding.

The jam on this custom elevator features intricate bullnoze curvature.

Precise installation of jam and header with bullnose curve.

Complete custom elevator cab interior featuring forms and surface panels, custom textured panels and and a stainless steel railing cover.  This installation was completed in an upscale hotel.

Glass infill panels with custom stainless steel railing for the hotel industry.  The unique curvature of the railing was designed to match the existing panel system below.  This installation includes enhanced safety features and dramatically improved the aesthetics of the railing areas.

This custom cladding was installed on an office building.  New metal cladding provides a modern clean look while covering the existing building structure.

Metal Art constructed inset panels for this feature wall build in a large hotel.

Glass infill custom railing installed in a private residence.  All glass had to be custom ordered to follow the curvature of the railing.

This unique railing system was installed at a large airport and serves as a divider in the retail areas.

Metal Art provided the custom metal cladding for this reception desk located in an upscale hotel.

Metal Art created this railing system for both both beauty and safety.  The staircase was enhanced with stringer cladding.

Created for a large airport, this stainless steel structure provides a unique look in the retail and restaurant areas.

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