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MetalArt is highly qualified in architectural manufacturing, such as column covers, clading, staircases, walls and doors, custom handrail construction, etc.
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Precision Metal

Metal Art Design Shop 12Metal Art Inc. is a complete metal fabrication facility with services ranging from prototype to production.  Our precision metal included cutting, welding, painting, machining, forming and assembly.  We offer fabrication services utilizing a wide array of metals and other materials in our state of the art shop.

Expertise and Precision

In order to produce unique metal architectural components for our clients, we utilize cutting edge design and fabrication equipment to fulfill your precise design requirements.  Our staff is experienced and skilled in the fabrication of a wide array of materials, components and architectural styles.


While Metal Art is skilled at created your custom design, we also spend a great deal of time working with existing designers and architects to integrate our systems into an existing design.  We welcome the opportunity to work with your design staff to bring your vision to reality.  Contact our staff to find out how we can assist your design team.

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