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Variety of Railing Systems

MetalArt Inc. is skilled in crafting railing systems which are unique and functional to serve as a long term investment for your facility.  We are experienced with the use of a wide range of materials and components and designs.

  • Custom stainless steel railing systems offer a variety of clean and distinctive design elements which are custom fabricated to your specifications.
  • Stainless steel cable railings create a dramatic effect  without conflicting with your view
  • Glass infill railing systems integrate tempered glass panels which can be clear, opaque or colored.  Custom design or logo can be etched into the glass to enhance your railing design
  • Painted steel railing systems are extremely durable and offer the flexibility of endless color choices to match the current architecture or corporate branding of your facility
  • Custom cladding designs are created to provide a complete architectural styling for your stairway, escalator or ramp system.  Metal cladding offers a state of the art and aesthetically pleasing appearance that complements your environment.

Maintenance, Safety and Compliance

Safety and long term maintenance are a tremendous consideration when designing a railing system.  Careful consideration is placed on environmental elements such as pollution levels, traffic, presence of deicing salts and other factors specific to each project.  Our consultation team will recommend the best material and design to ensure safety and low long term maintenance.

Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Compliance is a major factor in the installation of hand railings and ramp systems in any design.  These systems must meet all ADA requirements in addition to all applicable state and local guidelines.  MetalArt designers and technicians are educated in all specific ADA guidelines to ensure your facility is within compliance.

Areas of Use

MetalArt’s fabricated railing systems can be custom designed for a variety of industrial, commercial public facilities including:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Office Buildings
  • Parking Garages
  • Hospitals


Each custom designed railing system begins with extensive analysis of the environment, substrates, usage, integration with current architecture, durability and safety factors.  MetalArt will partner with your existing architect or designer to ensure railing systems meet all expectations of design, functionality, beauty and safety.


Custom fabrication of railing systems will take your selected materials from CAD drawings to a unique railing system ideally suited to your environment.  MetalArt’s skilled technicians utilize extensive quality control procedures throughout every project.   Through our complete serve of metal fabrication services we are able to meet the specific design requirements


MetalArt technicians offer services for all project phases from design to installation.  Our installation team will work meticulously to complete installation efficiently with little operational disruption.

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